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Welcome To Veritas Enterprises, Inc.

A home is the largest single investment most people make. Any home, new or pre-owned, could have problems or potential problems that are not apparent. That’s where a well trained Home Inspector can make the difference.

We will inspect everything on the property and the property itself. We inspect fences, outbuildings, landscaping, irrigation system, roof, fascia, soffits, windows, doors, walls, driveway and walks, pool, spa and related equipment, boat lift and dock. Inside we go from room to room to inspect floor coverings, walls, ceilings, etc. The attic is hot and unpleasant, but that’s where we can spot a roof problem if it exists. Our inspectors test kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, A/C, garage door opener, all plumbing fixtures, electrical panel, lights and outlets. Unlike other home inspection companies, we document the function of wall switches. At Veritas we believe you should know how your home works.

We always screen the house for mold. Our inspectors look for signs of moisture and water damage. If observed, we test drywall with a moisture meter. Laboratory testing is additional.

We will inspect every accessible area of the home. Our inspectors are polite, professional and always on time. At Veritas, on time means 10 minutes early.

Compared to the price of a home, an inspection is not only affordable, it’s a bargain. You owe it to yourself to know the true condition of the house you intend to buy. Our reports are very detailed and always include pictures. At the end of the inspection, your inspector will give you a verbal summary and your Home Inspection Report will be delivered by the following day. Don’t hire a company that takes days to deliver a report.

Dennis Conway, owner and founder of Veritas Enterprises, was an adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College, teaching in the Green Building Science Program. If you want to hire one of our students, we encourage that. They are well trained. But, if you want to hire the professor, call us.

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